Algorithmic Artwork

Earlier this year I began creating programmatic artwork using matplotlib. I was interested in making art using the most powerful tool I knew of: code.

So far the results have been better than I ever expected. All sorts of wild ideas and experiments are possible. The medium could easily supply challenges for centuries.

Quilt 8

I’ve recently switched from matplotlib to Processing. Matplotlib was simply not designed to generate images at the sizes I need. Processing handles the work naturally. It also has capabilities for 3D and animation, both of which I would like to explore at some point.

I’ve also started using Quil, a Clojure wrapper for Processing (which is Java). Lisps lend themselves very well to the kinds of crazy code that generative artwork can require.

Continuity 2

Finally, I’ve created a website to display my artwork and a few writings on algorithmic artwork. If you’re interested in the work I’ve shown here, I hope you’ll check it out.